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  • Jamelle Sanders

Relentless: The Determination to Live Your Greatest Life

Well, we have officially made it to the second quarter. Can you believe the first three months of 2024 are already over? If your life has been anything like mine, then the last three months have been filled with chaos, progress, and results. As I go after audacious goals this year, I have been challenged to address self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. Most of all, I have been challenged to live beyond boundaries and limitations. This can be the greatest year of your life. However, you have to understand that you are the driving force for all change in your life. I hope these insights will empower you with the resolve to persevere and pursue the life that you were born for.

  1. You must find a worthwhile goal. Before you get upset with me, I want you to hear my heart. I talk to so many people that have mediocre goals and then they are disappointed when they get mediocre results. When they ask me about my goals, I almost feel like I should just be quiet. However, when I do finally tell them about my goals I can hear the doubt and unbelief in their voice. Why is that? My goals sound bold, audacious, and out of reach. One thing I discovered is that when you live without a worthwhile goal you live a worthless existence. I want to challenge you to set bigger goals for yourself this year. Do not set goals so low that it takes no effort or energy to achieve them. Instead, set goals that challenge your excuses and demand excellence from you. Worthwhile goals make you feel alive and fuel you to take action in the direction of your dreams.

  2. You must break through mental barriers. As I stated earlier, this year has been chaotic and challenging for me in so many ways. However, this year I have grown in ways that I never imagined possible. As I embrace the next level in my life, I have once again had to confront self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. I've been forced to examine unhealthy and unproductive thoughts. In addition, I have been challenged to address perceptions that undermine my potential and do not align with what is possible for my life. If you want momentum in your life, you have to stop avoiding mental development. Before you ever embrace the next dimension, you must first elevate your thinking. Your thinking will either be the catalyst to your development or cripple your thinking. There is nothing you will ever create in your life that does not involve your mind. Therefore, you must nourish your mind and make the decision that you will never neglect it.

  3. You must allow the picture of your future to become imprinted on your mind. While I just covered the mind, I want to delve a bit deeper into this concept. Earlier this year, I made a decision that I wanted to see a specific outcome in a specific area of my life. However, I assessed the situation I discovered that I was not taking this area of my life seriously. So I made a decision at that moment that I would take it seriously. It was not enough to just say that I was taking it seriously. I had to take serious steps in the direction of the desired outcome that I wanted. It was uncomfortable and it stretched me in so many ways. However, when I took the action it did something for me. It put a picture of the future on the film of my mind that cannot be erased. As I have faced obstacles along the way, that picture has become so real to me and it has empowered me to keep pursuing what is possible. It has been paradigm-shifting and life-altering. You need a picture of your future to become imprinted on your mind because that is what will empower you to defy the odds and to triumph in the face of impossibilities.

  4. You must become relentless in pursuit of the life that you were born for. Something has clicked on the inside of me. I cannot explain it but I know I am not the same person. There is a flame that has been lit in me that will not be extinguished. I've become more determined than ever to live the life that I was born for. It has placed greater demands on my life, development, and potential. However, the outcomes have been incredible and I will not stop now. I want you to live your greatest life in 2024. Your goals have to come off of the pages and consume you. Become obsessed with going after the life of your dreams. You will soon discover that what you desire is desiring you. The life that you seek is seeking you. When you are relentless you become fully committed to living up to your potential and living in the narrative of what is possible for your life.

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