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  • Jamelle Sanders

The Will to Thrive: Developing the Discipline to Realize Your Dreams

Well, I want to start off by saying welcome to the third quarter! You have made it through the first half of 2021. This year looks much different than 2020. People are starting to travel and get back to life in many ways. I hope that as you look back over the first six months of 2021 you can be proud of the progress you have made and the things you have accomplished. If not, then the great thing is that you have the opportunity to refocus and hit the reset button on your life. Identify what is not working, make adjustments and get laser focused on your vision. As I am writing this, many of us in the United States are going into the July 4th holiday weekend. I hope you get to enjoy some downtime but I also hope that you will take the time to clarify your vision and write down your goals for the third quarter of 2021. It takes more than excitement to change your life. You must engineer a clear plan for success and execute consistently. I hope this piece will empower you to press for more and pursue more in every area of your life.

  1. Look back only for reflection and not for regret. At the end of the day, you cannot change the last six months. It is done and dwelling on it continually will only rob you of the opportunity to move forward with your life. So take some time and assess your progress and productivity. However, I also want you to stay present and understand the power of now. You have been gifted with an incredible opportunity. A new quarter presents you with a fresh start and the ability to begin again. Hopefully, you have identified the time wasters and productivity depleters in your life. Now develop a rock solid plan to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Some of you may feel like time is not on your side. However, incremental progress is much greater than inaction. So reflect and reposition so you can make this one of the greatest seasons of your life. You are in the driver seat and you have the power to shift your life into new realms of success and abundance.

  2. Take responsibiity for where you fell short. While it is good to reflect, it is even better to take responsibility for your life. The moment I took responsibility for my life I was empowered to reverse cycles and radically shift the course of my life. Responsibility is shifting from a place of avoidance to a place of confrontation. Essentially, you will never correct what you are unwilling to confront. Responsibility forces us to confront our choices and to make the necessary course corrections in our lives. I want you to get very clear on where you fell short. What goals did you not accomplish? What contributed to you not meeting your goals? What distractions got in the way of your progress? What you fail to take responsibility for you will inevitably repeat. Many people are on a proverbial treadmill going nowhere. They load up on inspiration and motivation. However, they are failiing because of inaction and the failure to take responsibility for their lives. The reality is that your choices have brought you to where you are today. If you make different decisions, then you will produce different outcomes. However, if you continue to do the same your life will continue to be stifled and stagnant. Responsibility empowers you to turn your disappointments into disciplines, losses into lessons and shortcomings into strategies. Responsibility empowers you to reclaim your life!

  3. You must develop discipline. Everyone loves inspiration and motivation. On the other hand, when you mention the word discipline you start to get blank stares and dumbfounded faces. The reality is that everyone wants to be successful. However, very few people want to develop the disciplines that bring you into success. Over the last three decades, I have discovered that discipline is the catalyst to breaking into the next dimension in your life. Many people admire my success and accomplishments. Unfortunately, when I tell them about the disciplines that have produced my success they become uninterested. Everyone is looking for hacks and shortcuts to success. You will quickly discover that there is no hack or shortcut to success. Success is the reward of discipline and consistency. Discipline is doing the hard things first so you can do the fun things later. More importantly, discipline is being willing to endure the pain of discomfort today to reap the reward of progress tomorrow. Discipline is being willing to sacrfice the comforts of today for the change of tomorrow. Desire cannot be a success element in your life. Desire changes and desire is not reliable. On the other hand, disipline will cause you to be consistent and will develp within you the capacity to overcome anything that comes your way. Discipline will determine your results and your rewards in life.

  4. You must engage your will. As I stated earlier, discipline has been a key to my success. In addition, I will venture out to say that my will has also played a very important role in my success. The will is the ability that we have to choose and to take a particular course of action. What I know from personal experience is that no breakthrough or change ever happened in my life until I engaged my will. Too many people think about change but they never develop the will to change. In other words, the will to change means that you must intentionally divest from everything that divides you from the ultimate accomplishment of your goal. This means that you must intentionally choose the thoughts and actions that will bring you into the manifestation of your goals and the realization of your vision. After all, we are always choosing something and many times we are choosing the very things that are destroying our lives. You owe it to yourself to choose growth, development and mastery. Engaging your will is how you engineer wins in every area of your life. If you truly want to see your dreams realized, then you must will them into manifesation. You cannot be denied what you are courageous enough to will into existence.


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