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  • Jamelle Sanders

A Message of Hope

As I write to you, I know that we are dealing with a global pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and brought the world to a screeching halt. We are truly living in unprecedented times. I know that many of you are weary, anxious and some even fearful. My heart truly goes out to those that have been laid off with no sure timetable of when they will be able to go back to work. I think about the ones that are trying to work and help children with homework. I think about our medical community that is on the front lines every single day fighting this invisible enemy. This is time of great turbulence and uncertainty in the world. However, I wanted to bring you a message of hope in the midst of crisis. I want to remind you that this too shall pass and that we will get through this as a global community. I want to share a few insights with you that I believe will help you navigate this time of crisis and uncertainty in the world.

1. You do have the power to control what you give your attention to. One thing I have purposed to do in the midst of this crisis is to be very intentional about what I give my attention to. While I am not saying that you should not keep up with the news, I am saying that you cannot spend countless hours watching the television and being inundated with negative news. Get the facts and then I encourage you to turn the television off and give your attention to other things. I know for a fact that what you concentrate on will consume your life. I have talked to so many people that are filled with fear and panic. The more you allow toxic information and negative news to fill your heart the more fearful and anxious you will become. Please give your attention and energy to something productive. Find a project you can focus on at home, give some time to your family, or even reach out to a friend or loved one and check in on them. You cannot afford to allow fear to contaminate your faith. Create an atmosphere of faith and peace in your home and declare your life a fear free zone.

2. Learn the lesson that this season is trying to teach you. If you have followed my work over the years, then you know that I believe everything in life serves a purpose. More importantly, I believe that everything in our lives is trying to teach us something. One of the greatest travesties is to go through seasons of adversity and not learn from those seasons. Over the years, I have learned to view crisis as a classroom. Crisis is not about the destruction of your life but the development of your life. There is something that is developed in us through crisis that we cannot learn from season of peace and calm in our lives. So I encourage you to take some time, get still and go within. What do I mean when I say go within? There are answers in you awaiting your awareness. So use this time to listen and attune your ear to the frequency of eternity. Allow God to speak to you and download wisdom and solutions during this time. Often times disruptions have to occur in our lives in order to bring our lives into divine alignment. Many times we are too busy to hear the lessons that life is trying to teach us. Learn the lessons and emerge from this crisis stronger and better.

3. Hit the reset button on your life. Honestly, I believe that one of the purposes of this crisis is to cause people around the world to hit the reset button. We have all become so busy and we have lost sight of what is really important. In essence, we have neglected family, health and even rest. So many people are chasing success and pursing dreams. However, in the process they have totally forgotten their families, neglected their health, and they have destroyed the spiritual foundation that is so important to true and lasting success. This time has forced people around the world to remember what is really important. At the end of the day, you cannot take your career with you and you cannot take any of your material possessions with you. After you have built your empire and achieved the worlds definition of success, I hope that you have not forgotten your family, worn down your body and lost your soul. Allow this moment to serve as a reset in your life. Reassess your priorities, reconnect with your family and realign with the spiritual principles and values that make your life strong. While I am not saying that it is anything wrong with desiring success, I am telling you to not allow your pursuit of success to cost you what matters most. This time has opened the eyes of many to the reality that they are pursuing things that do not matter. Furthermore, this crisis has exposed misplaced loyalties and nonessential priorities.

4. Awaken to the fact that every moment is precious. Truly, people around the world have seen over the last month that life is precious. Many of us know or have heard of people that have been affected by or died of COVID-19. While some are complaining about having to stay inside, I choose to live with the perspective that I am safe inside. I am grateful that my family is alive and healthy. I am grateful that I have everything that I need. I realize that life is a gift and every waking moment is precious. Life is too short to live with grudges, to harbor unforgiveness, and to allow the past to rule over the present. I want you to start living with a greater appreciation for life. Some of you may be wondering what I have been doing for the last four to five weeks. Personally, I have been reading lots of books, writing my next book, taking online courses and even checking in with friends and family. As someone that has trained and empowered people around the world, I have heard many excuses over the years from people saying that they do not have enough time to do certain things. Guess what? You have no excuses right now. Learn a new skill, write the book, take the course, work on your business plan. You have nothing but time and what you do with this time reveals what is really important to you. What I am discovering is that for many it is not a lack of time but a lack of priorities. In closing, this week I want you to make gratitude a regular part of every single day. Right now I want you to be encouraged, know that you are not alone and that you are going to get through this. Most importantly, I want you to know that you are loved and valued. I am sending you a virtual hug and letting you know that you have already won. You are going to come through this with the victory!

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