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  • Jamelle Sanders

Pursuit: The Master Key to Uncommon Progress

As I write to you, we are officially seven months into 2022. This has been a super busy time for me as I have been closing out the second quarter, setting things up for the third quarter, and endeavoring to keep everything balanced. I hope that you are focused on your goals, making progress, and living the life of your dreams. I still believe that this can be the greatest year of your life. However, you are the driving force for change and breakthroughs in your life. I want to share some insights with you about the pursuit and the important role it plays in realizing your greatest potential. If you will really grasp this concept it will shift your life to the next level. Pursuit will ultimately determine your progress in life.

  1. You have to stop looking in your rearview mirror. Unfortunately, I talk to too many people that are living in the past. It is impossible to live in the past and to live in the possibilities of what your life can become. Therefore, it requires that you abandon your past so you can align for what is possible for your life. You should appreciate the wisdom that the past provides but you should never allow the past to become your prison. More importantly, I find it disturbing that so many people make the past the standard when they have so much life to live. If you want to make 2022 the greatest year of your life, I want you to say goodbye to your past. Even if your past was good it still cannot compare to what you are yet to create through your life. So stop looking behind you and start looking ahead to the future. You must always be willing to exit a familiar past in order to embrace an extraordinary future. Do not waste the gift of today by living in the memories of yesterday.

  2. You must guard your focus. If you have followed my work for any length of time, then you know that I believe that focus is the currency of your future. If you will make the quality decision to guard your focus you can access your future. The problem is that we live in a world that abounds with distractions. Everything is vying for your attention. If you are not careful, you will waste a lifetime pursuing ease at the expense of excellence. What am I trying to stay? I am trying to say that if you do not choose what you concentrate on then you will spend your entire life giving your time, energy, and attention to things that do not matter. I am not telling you that you cannot have fun or enjoy your life. However, I am telling you that focus guides your moments, determines your actions, and defines what you accomplish. Focus determines the fruitfulness of your life. Broken focus determines the failure of your life. The fulfillment of your goals and the maximization of your potential demands focus. Make sure that you are investing in the things that improve your life.

  3. You must have the courage to pursue your greatest life. When I look around the world today, I see people pursuing a myriad of different interests. However, that is ultimately where the problem lies. It does not take much discipline to pursue interests. On the other hand, it takes extraordinary discipline to pursue the thing that ignites your soul. You know what I am talking about. It is the thing that you go to bed thinking about. It is the thing that you find yourself daydreaming about in the middle of the day. It is the thing that dominates your thoughts and fuels your conversations. The thing I am talking about is your purpose. Many people are pursuing fun and games. On the contrary, I have spent my life pursuing the fulfillment of purpose and the maximization of my greatest potential. Interests dissipate over time and divide your focus. Purpose ignites you and develops in you the discipline to pursue your greatest life. I've discovered that passion may fuel you for a moment but purpose will fuel you for a lifetime. What are you pursuing? Are you pursuing shallow thrills? Or are you pursuing a life that is significant and timeless? When I get to the end of this journey called life, I want to know that I exhausted the seed of my potential and I dared to rob the grave of my greatness. I want to exit the world knowing that I died empty and I fulfilled the purpose of my existence. It is purpose that ignites the flame within that will not allow you to settle for a second-class life.

  4. You must remain devoted to consistent progress. As we are in the heart of summer, this is where many people check out and abandon their goals. There is nothing wrong with taking a vacation and enjoying some downtime. However, do not allow the season to sabotage your success. Remain committed to the disciplines that will empower you for success. Spend time with your goals every single day. Take the time to dream and engineer new possibility thoughts for your life. Most of all, keep executing your vision. Execution is the catalyst to progress. Many people set goals but they do not execute them. Therefore, they continue to experience cycles of frustration, failure, and defeat. Pursuits determine your progress. Be sure that you are pursuing growth, development, and mastery. Understand that execution will determine the expansion and the elevation of your life. Progress does not just happen. All progress in life is intentional. You must make the decision to plan for progress, prepare for progress and position yourself for progress in every area of your life. Success is not a formula but it does require a fortified mind, focused moments, and forward momentum.


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