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  • Jamelle Sanders

2020: How to Own this Era

First of all, let me start off by saying Happy New Year! I have not blogged in quite a while. My schedule is so busy these days and I just do not have the time to do it on a weekly basis However, this is the perfect time to share some thoughts for 2020 and beyond. Today is a special day for us here in the United States. It is a day that we reflect and remember the extraordinary life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His life and leadership have impacted me in a profound way. In fact, I have adopted many of his principles and ideals in my own leadership. Every year around this time I take time to listen to the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. While I have heard it many times, every time I listen to it I walk away inspired and with new insights and revelations.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing our goals and our visions for 2020. I told this friend that 2020 is my year and this is my decade. If you know me, then you know I am not just talking about it. I am taking action every single day to make this the greatest year and decade of my life. My productivity has skyrocketed in the first few weeks of 2020. I have been more focused, more disciplined and I have been getting a ton of things done on a daily basis. I am going to own this decade and I want you to own this decade as well. Many people get hyped up about a new year and new possibilities. What I have discovered is that possibilities without persistent action will never produce progress in your life. You need to move from inspiration to intention so you can produce inevitable results in 2020 and beyond.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed an uncommon dream. He dreamed of a day that he did not even live to see. How many visionaries are still dreaming uncommon dreams? Dr. King had a dream so big and so profound that it extended well beyond his lifetime and generation. The thing that fascinates me about his dream is that we are still talking about it today. Dr. King dreamed of a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Dr. King dreamed of a day when racial hatred, bigotry, indifference, and injustice were eradicated. In other words, Dr. King did not dream a selfish dream. Dr. King dreamed a dream that would unite and advance humanity. In a time where racial tension and political unrest are at an all-time high, may we all pause and ask ourselves are we truly living out Dr. King’s dream?

If you want to own this decade, then I want to challenge you to dream an uncommon dream. I have already written out my vision of what the next 10, 20 and even 30 years will look like for me. In addition, I have seen into the future and I have seen what the world will look like over the next twenty to thirty years. What I will share with you is that it will look nothing like it looks today. As a visionary leader and global influencer, my dream for the world is big. In fact, my dream is so big that it will outlive me and extend well beyond my lifetime and generation. I dream of a day when the walls of separation are torn down in this nation. I dream of the day when personal agendas no longer take precedence over the welfare of nations and generations. Furthermore, I dream of a day when moral and ethical leadership replaces immoral leadership. I believe that we are on the brink of a revolution in this nation. We are on the precipice of a tipping point and a new day. I am not afraid of the future that I have seen for this nation. The future of this nation is pregnant with promise and incredible new possibilities.

In closing, this decade will be dominated by those that dare to create a vision, set clear goals and engineer new breakthroughs and advancements. You are the architect of change and you have been blessed with a blank page. What will you create? What will you build? What will you engineer that will shape generations to come? Visionary leaders do not just hope for a better tomorrow. Dreamers and visionaries dare to rewrite history. I am a world shaker and a history maker. 2020 is my year and I will dream uncommon dreams. You can own this decade and manifest your destiny. Your days of thinking small are over. It is time to think big. Big thinking will impregnate you with a big vision and empower you to manifest big dreams. I dare you to own this decade!

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