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  • Jamelle Sanders

Having the Courage to Become Your Best Self

As you know, I just recently celebrated a birthday. This year I woke up on my birthday with a new found sense of purpose and passion. I wrote in my journal and made a quality decision that this year I am working on reinventing myself and becoming the best version of myself. I am only a few weeks into the process and it has already been amazing. I believe that evolution is a powerful thing and that we should all be striving to become the greatest expression of who we were created to be. It has been both a fascinating and fulfilling journey for me. I hope that the insights that I am about to share will inspire and empower you to stop being passive and step into your true power and purpose. May you have the audacity to become your most authentic self!

1. You cannot have evolution without first identifying that something needs to change in your life. I have had many people tell me over the years that they are on a good path and they do not need to change anything about their lives. The reality is that they do not think anything is wrong with their lives. However, as I look around I see no true peace, progress or prosperity. What I see is an individual that has settled for a second-class life when they were born to live a world-class life. If mediocrity is acceptable to you, then you will never have the courage to pursue more for your life. So I challenge you to take a good hard look at your life. Identify the areas of your life that you are not happy with and start focusing on one area at a time. You never have to settle and you always have the opportunity to shift the trajectory and quality of your life for the better.

2. You must commit to making a change in your life. It is one thing to identify that something needs to change in your life. On the other hand, it is another thing to commit to making a change in your life. Commitment is a non-negotiable decision that I do not like where my life is going and I choose to make an adjustment. When I realized that the only thing standing between me and the next season of my life was a decision it changed everything for me. It let me know that I am never a product of the circumstances in my life. However, I am a product of my choices. So if you are ready to become the best version of yourself then you must first make a different decision. You cannot repeat cycles and expect different outcomes. You must understand that different results will always require you to take a different route. Every outcome is the product of a choice. The quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your experiences. Decisions are a major catalyst for evolution.

3. You must have a blueprint for change in your life. While making the commitment to change is often difficult, the thing that holds most people back is that they do not have a blueprint for change in their lives. As I am in the middle of my personal evolution, I am in phase two of my life plan. The first phase of my life plan was a big success. However, phase two has bigger goals, new challenges and will demand rigorous growth and development from me. A blueprint not only provides direction for your life but also outlines the disciplines that are necessary to live your best life. Disciplines always define the dimension that your live from. An undisciplined life is an unfruitful life. A blueprint not only points the way forward but plans for forces and frustrations that may attempt to interrupt your progress. A blueprint shows you what you are aiming for, helps make your goals manageable, shows the time horizon for your vision and helps you track your progress. Without a blueprint you will get frustrated and revert back to old seasons and cycles.

4. You must develop unbreakable focus. Many people admire me and the work that I do around the world. However, what they do not understand is that for every success in my life I have had to fight many battles. People see me on television and in magazines and they assume this was a overnight process. However, what they do not see is three decades of adversity, trials, tribulations, failures, setbacks, and hardships that have shaped who I am today. You cannot celebrate my victories without first understanding my adversities. The reason I have been successful and become highly respected around the world is because I have learned how to develop unbreakable focus. Often time we restrict focus to what you are looking at. However, focus also has a lot to do with what you are thinking about, who you are associating with and what you are giving your time to. I will not delve into all of these for the sake of time. However, whatever you focus on is expanding or constricting your life. We are quick to blame outside forces for our lack of results. Unfortunately, the greatest barrier to success is often internal. It is the distractions that we constantly entertain, the procrastination that we allow to persist and the agreements with ourselves that we consistently break. A life without focus will inevitably result in failure. So change your focus so you can create the future that you desire.

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