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  • Jamelle Sanders

Aim: The Importance of Unbreakable Focus

As we have officially crossed over into February of 2022, I hope that you are making progress in your life. Unfortunately, by now most people have given up on their goals and abandoned their visions. I hope that is not the case for you. However, what most people do not understand is that success requires more than motivation and inspiration. Success will require the total investment of your time, energy, and focus. If 2022 is going to be different for you, then you are going to have to make different investments. I want to share a few insights with you to help set you on the course to success and prosperity in 2022. Focus more than anything will determine how far you go and how much of your vision you fulfill.

  1. You must live with a clear vision. If you have not taken the time to write out your vision for 2022, then you are not really serious about your success. You can say that you are and you can even argue with me about it. However, anything that you have not taken the time to write down has not become real to you. If it has not become real to you, then you will never reach for it. So take the time to write down your vision for 2022. I do not want you to write down a long list of goals. Instead, I want you to take the time to write down three to five goals that you want to accomplish this year. Write down a spiritual goal, personal goal, professional goal, financial goal, and a health goal. I want you to be very specific. You cannot grow with generalized goals. You cannot succeed in what you are not willing to specify. So write down your vision. If you do not know where you are going, you will always be ruled by distractions. Vision provides direction and structure for our lives. Without vision, we will become products of our circumstances and prisoners of our problems.

  2. You need clarity in your life. After you have written down your vision, you need to get some clarity in your life. Clarity is important because you cannot thrive in confusion. More importantly, clarity empowers you to set clear priorities for your life. In my own life, clarity has given me the ability to perceive what is not working and to pivot in the direction of possibilities and opportunities. You cannot expect to make progress in your life without clarity. After all, anything that we are not changing we are ultimately choosing. Also, when we choose without clarity we create cycles of frustration, failure, and defeat in our lives. You need clarity because it empowers you to cut through the clutter of the common, break negative cycles and construct the life of your dreams. Clarity empowers you to concentrate and to conquer everything standing in the way of your greatness. Clarify where you need to invest your time, where you need to divest your energy and what you should be dedicating yourself to on a consistent basis.

  3. You need to change your thinking. As you gain clarity, you will begin to challenge the self-limiting beliefs and self-limiting dialogue that is standing between you and the life of your dreams. A toxic mind cannot produce a transformed life. Therefore, if you want 2022 to be different for you, then you have to make the decision to interrupt patterns that interfere with your progress and imprison your potential. Unhealthy thoughts make us prisoners of our past and prohibit us from embracing new possibilities for our lives. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind will ultimately own the moments of your life. If you do not want to see it in your moments, then you must stop giving it permission to live in your mind. Every thought that does not accommodate your growth, development, and progress is a thought that must be eliminated and replaced with new possibility thoughts. No thought can live in your mind without your permission. Furthermore, no new thought can occupy your mind unless you give it access. This year deny access to every thought that facilitates your past at the expense of your prophetic future. This year choose thoughts of success, prosperity, and greatness. Reserve mental real estate for the thoughts that propel radical change and breakthroughs in your life!

  4. You need to learn the power of concentration. Everything that you create and conquer in your life will be the product of concentration. When I learned this principle, it revolutionized everything about my life. Concentration is the ability to choose what demands your attention, what consumes your energy, and what you define as a priority in your life. Every choice in our lives is ultimately defining what we are concentrating on. Too often we concentrate on the things that bring stagnation to our lives. However, we do not focus enough on the things that will shift our lives. This is the year that you must develop unbreakable focus. This means that you must be so resolute in the manifestation of your goals and fulfillment of your vision that nothing has the power to distract you. Make 2022 the year that you say no to everything that stands in the way of you saying yes to destiny. If you want to live your greatest life in 2022, then you must learn how to concentrate. You must eliminate distractions, drown out the noise and ignore the unimportant so you can make progress and realize your greatest potential. In other words, you have to determine what is worth pursuing and what is worth ignoring. Pursue your most important priorities and ignore competing interests. If you will learn the power of concentration, you can break out of toxic cycles and break your way into change in every area of your life. Concentration is what ushers you into championship living!

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