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  • Jamelle Sanders

Empowered: Igniting the Flame of Passion

As I write to you, I want to start off by saying welcome to the second quarter of 2022! The first three months of 2022 were amazing for me. I have already hit some big goals and working on some even bigger goals to make 2022 the greatest year of my life. I believe this is the year to go full throttle in the fulfillment of your vision and the realization of your dreams. From the inception of my organization, I have devoted my life to empowering people around the world to fulfill purpose and realize their greatest potential. It is my desire to see every human being on this planet living empowered and serving as a catalyst for the advancement of humanity. I want to share a few insights with you on how to live a more empowered life and elevate the possibilities of your life.

  1. You cannot live an empowered life without a sense of purpose. One of the most tragic things in the world is to live a life absent of purpose. While we live in a culture that is obsessed with popularity, I am longing for the day when we have a culture that is obsessed with purpose. Your purpose is not something that you decide or interpret. Your purpose is something that you discover and implement. You have been made for a mission and born for a purpose. The fulfillment of your life is directly related to the fulfillment of your purpose and the maximization of your potential. 2022 is the year that you must find your purpose and get busy doing what you were born to do. The profound emptiness that so many people feel in the world today is the result of living their lives without a sense of purpose. Ultimately, purpose is what gives meaning to our lives. When we find the meaning of our lives, then we are empowered to manifest the mission of our lives. Take some time to get quiet, get clarity, and start living your life in the center of your assignment. Your purpose will shape your days and ultimately decide the direction of your life.

  2. You must live your life with a clear vision. If you have followed my work for any length of time, then you know that I have said many times that we are living in a generation that has no vision for their lives. Unfortunately, in the absence of vision, you find duplicates and no originals. Everyone is trying to imitate someone else because they have not uncovered their true identity. On the other hand, when you get clear about your vision, you stop living in the shadows of other people and you start awakening to the significance of your life. Vision impacts your relationships, your activities, your priorities, and how you invest your time and energy. Vision empowers you to harness the power of focus and achieve extraordinary things. Every day that you live without a sense of vision you become a product of your circumstances. Most of all, the absence of vision will ultimately result in the absence of victory in your life. Developing a clear vision will take time and focus. You must get clarity about who you are, what your gifts are, and how you can use your gifts to serve the world. Furthermore, developing a vision will require you to eliminate the excuses, make the sacrifices and be willing to invest today to give birth to a tomorrow that is not yet born to time. Vision is what ultimately shapes your future.

  3. You must live your life with a burning passion. Honestly, I have seen a lot in my lifetime. I see a lot of people living artificial lives. In other words, they look the part and they play the part well but they have no peace and they are not happy. They live in glass houses and are constricted by glass ceilings. They are living a life that others designed for them but they are not living the life that they desire. You may think that you can fake happiness but you cannot fake unfulfillment. My heart aches for all the people that are living passionless and powerless lives. Are you satisfied with your life? If most people are honest, they will answer that question by saying no. However, very few people will take the time to probe that question in order to get to the root of the unhappiness in their lives. Passion is born from purpose. In a world where plasticity rules, most people would rather fake it than live a life of true freedom. Therefore, we go on living in denial and also living denied of the life that we truly desire. It may seem like you have the perfect world and the perfect life. On the contrary, if you are not living on purpose then your life truly lacks a pulse. You may be able to deceive some of the people in your life but there is nothing worse than self-deception. Living with passion means living your life on purpose. Living with passion means pursuing the things that matter to you and not the path that others have chosen for you. Living with passion means choosing yourself first and never becoming silent about the things that are significant to you. Most of all, living with passion means living your life free from the opinions and expectations of others. You have the right to reignite your passion and realize your greatest potential!

  4. You cannot afford to let your dreams die. As someone that has trained and developed leaders around the globe, I have had the pleasure of speaking with people from all walks of life. One thing I know is that we are more alike than we are different. Whether it is an aristocrat or someone from the middle class, we have all struggled with validation and acceptance. Our bank accounts nor our popularity can cure the craving that we all have to be validated and affirmed by others. As a result of this, we often shrink our dreams to satisfy the mediocre and mundane. While it may earn us a spot in certain circles, it slowly eats away at our souls. Why? Anytime I have to dumb down who I am and diminish my light to appease other people I have given my personal power away. Your dreams are valid and they deserve your attention and your pursuit. While we mourn at funerals, most people die years before they are actually buried. They die when they settle for less than they deserve. They settle when they allow fear to prevent them from pursuing the future that they desire. Ultimately, they settle when they cater to relationships that do not have the capacity for their greatness. The one thing you cannot afford to do is let your dreams die. You keep your dreams alive by speaking about them, writing about them, and becoming one with them. Furthermore, you keep your dreams alive by moving them from the realm of imagination to actualization through action. Never allow anything to steal your dreams!


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