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  • Jamelle Sanders

Let Go: The Power of Closing Old Chapters

As we have officially started the fourth quarter, I have been reflecting on the last nine months. Honestly, the last nine months have been incredible months of growth, development, and evolution for me. Most of all, I have learned so much about myself and I am proud of the transformation that has taken place in my life. I believe that I am seeing great results because I have learned the importance of letting go. The ability to release the things that no longer serve you will radically shift the course of your destiny forever. These insights will empower you to let go and embrace your greatest life!

  1. You have to get fed up with where you are. One of the most important moments of my life was the moment that I realized that I did not have to settle. If you are not careful, your circumstances and your environment can lie to you and tell you that you do not deserve a better life. However, in those moments you must have the courage to rise up and refuse to allow your present condition to determine what is possible for your life. Everything in your life may not be going according to plan. At the same time, you do not have to accept this as your reality. When you get tired of where you are, that is when you are empowered to make a change in your life. Today, I want to challenge you to declare that enough is enough and decide that you want more for your life. When you decide that you want more, mediocrity will no longer have the power to hold you hostage.

  2. You have to be willing to move from where you are. It is not enough to get frustrated with where you are. At some point, frustration must fuel the actions that will result in you changing your life. So many people in the world today are stuck and they have created cycles of stagnation. Many times we get stuck because we stop taking action, we start making excuses for why we cannot go further or we do not believe that our lives can be any different. Regardless of the reason, you cannot afford to stay stuck. Honestly, the shifting of your life begins with the courage to take a single step. What steps do you need to take? Your refusal to break out of cycles of familiarity will ultimately create cycles of failure in your life. If you do not move from where you are, you will never manifest the life of your dreams. Moving forward with your life begins with the decision to move from where you are. Progress is the only way that you will ever honor your potential.

  3. You have to expand your mind to embrace more. As you have heard me say before, 2023 has challenged me in so many ways. I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone, I have been challenged to confront fears, I have been challenged to eliminate excuses and I have been challenged to address self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. This year I told myself I wanted more and I realized that more could not enter my life without expanding my mind. I am not going to tell you that this journey has been easy. I have had so many moments this year where I wanted to stop and revert back to what was familiar to me. However, as I look at the progress I have made I am so grateful that I dared to adjust my paradigm. You have to understand that our thinking is often the greatest threat to our transformation. Moreover, it is impossible to make room for more in your life without first renewing your mind. The renewal of your mind will require you to uproot unhealthy thoughts and plant positive success-affirming thoughts. In other words, you cannot change the moments of your life without cultivating the mind. Before this year ends, I want you to take some time and sit with your thoughts. Are your thoughts empowering you to create a greater life? Or are your thoughts bankrupting your life? If your thoughts have brought you here, then your thoughts can always be adjusted to engineer a different reality. Do not allow your mind to hold you captive and hijack the change you desire to see.

  4. You have to let go. Everything I am sharing with you is helpful in transforming your life. However, the most important decision that you need to make is to let go. Why is that? If you do not let go, then you will continue to repeat cycles and live with regrets. In addition, if you do not let go you will always limit your growth and advancement. More importantly, if you do not let go you will never know your own strength or what is possible for your life. Make a quality decision to let go of everything that no longer serves you so that you can live the life that you were born for. Let go of the idea that the past could have been different. Let go of the false expectations projected on you by other people. Let go of the narrative that you are not good enough and that you are not worthy of success. Let go of the fear of failure. Let go of the expired relationships that do not have the capacity for your greatness. Anything you are unwilling to let go of you are ultimately sacrificing your future for. In my experience, I have not found anything worth holding onto at the expense of hijacking my potential. I've discovered that in letting go I embrace change, defy the odds and I create new defining moments in my life.

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