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  • Jamelle Sanders

Play Big: The Audacity to Pursue More

Well, we are entering the month of June and summer is just a few weeks away. This also means that we are at the halfway point in 2024. The second quarter will end in just a few short weeks and I hope that you are making progress on your goals. I am looking forward to the summer and having some downtime. This year has been really busy for me but I have stayed focused and I have made great progress. Now more than ever, I want to speak with you about playing a bigger game. It's time for you to stop settling for mediocrity and dare to pursue more for your life. If you do not believe it for yourself, then let me just say to you that there is always more for your life!

  1. Refuse to tolerate mediocrity. If you know me, then you know that mediocrity is unacceptable in my life. Excellence has not just been a word that I use carelessly. No, excellence has become a standard in my life. I demand it of myself and those who walk close to me. I am amazed at the number of people who continue to say that this year will be different. However, we are six months into 2024 and for many people, this year is just a repeat of the year before. If you do not challenge your excuses you will always live crippled by mediocrity. What most people fail to understand is that mediocrity is not just an attitude. Mediocrity is a belief system that accepts average and low standards. If you are going to embrace more of your life, then you must not tolerate mediocrity in any area of your life. Mediocrity is always looking for the path of least resistance. However, excellence invites obstacles and opposition. You will never experience life at its best living average.

  2. Make a decision to live big. When I say live big, I am not talking about simply having a dream or a vision. No, to live big means to stop settling and to start living up to your potential. As a highly respected thought leader, I have empowered people around the world to fulfill purpose and realize their greatest potential. If it is one thing I know about potential is that it must be perceived and cultivated. Most people have no clue what they are capable of. Unfortunately, most people will never know what they are capable of because they are not willing to be stretched. To play a bigger game, you must be willing to push your limits and expand your capacity. A bigger life is always possible but you must pursue it. I challenge you right now to make a non-negotiable decision to live a bigger life. After all, playing small has not served you well. When you play small you live below your potential and you rob the world of your greatness. On the other hand, when you live big you maximize your potential and you seize what is possible for your life.

  3. Understand that more is available for you. While 2024 has already brought great challenges and extraordinary growth in my life, I am learning some invaluable lessons on this journey. One of the most important lessons I am learning in this season is that the mind must be expanded to embrace more. In addition, I am also learning that to have more you have to be willing to become more. Unfortunately, we live in a world that desires more but refuses to develop to embrace more. The more that you are looking for is on the other side of the growth and development that you are avoiding. If you really want to embrace more, then you must be willing to become more. Step outside of your comfort zone, challenge your excuses, and push your limits. While growth and change are always uncomfortable, it is the only authentic path to living your greatest life. Never allow your current circumstances to confine or constrict you. Understand that you are changed through your circumstances. More importantly, you cannot afford to allow your process to blind you to the person that you have been destined to become.

  4. You must pursue more for your life. While I have shared some powerful insights with you, I believe this one is the most important. I thought I had addressed some self-limiting beliefs and perceptions in 2023. However, I have been challenged at an even deeper level to address self-limiting beliefs, perceptions, and psychological constructs that are inconsistent with the life that I desire to create. As a result, I have found myself having to do deep inner work. I have had to challenge ideologies, philosophies, and constructs that blind me to what is possible for my life. Without addressing these beliefs, you will always be blocked from pursuing more for your life. Many of you reading this are stuck. You are stuck in a season, a cycle, or a pattern that needs to be broken in your life. It's time to stop repeating the narrative and to script something new for your life. In other words, it's time for you to get out of your own way. Deep down inside you know that there is more. Now it is time for you to have the audacity to pursue more for your life. If you never do anything different, then you will never see anything different in your life. More is only accessed through pursuit. You will always live distant from what you are unwilling to pursue. Fulfillment is always found in the pursuit of more.


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