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  • Jamelle Sanders

Progress: Truths for Moving Your Life Forward

Well, we have officially made it to the month of September. In just a few short weeks, fall will officially be starting and we are fastly approaching the fourth quarter of 2021. Many have enjoyed their last vacations of the summer and school has started for many across the country. I hope that you can look back on summer 2021 with fond memories and a sense of personal accomplishment. I believe that as we get ready to close out the third quarter this is a critical time. We only have four months left in 2021. It is time to stop making excuses and take respsonsibility for where you are right now. If you are not pleased with your results, then you need to change your priorities so you can make progress. I want to share a few insights with you on how to move your life forward. I hope you will put these principles into practice and accomplish your goals for the remainder of this year.

  • You need to take the time to examine your results. While denial may bring us a sense of comfort, denial will never change your life. You cannot continue to live in avoidance and think that you are going to acccomplish your goals. I want you to spend some time this week looking at your results over the last few months. It is a fact that productivity often drops the most in the summer. Obviously, people are traveling and vacationing. Also, the warm weather and distractions often result in most people abandoning their goals. I am not telling you that you should not take vacations or have any fun. However, I am telling you that at times you will have to choose focus over fun, results over recreation and progress over personal pleasure. If you are not intentional about your moments, then you will inevitably birth cycles of regret in your life. Spend some time examining your results. If you do not know where you are, then it is impossible to know where you are going. As you look over your results, do not get discouraged but realize that you will have to do some things differently if you want to see different results in your life. Denial will never empower your development. More importantly denial leads to the death of your potential.

  • You must take responsibility for your life. If you have followed my work for any length of time, then you know that responsibility is something that I talk about all the time. Why is that? I spent a lot of time stuck and stagnant in my life. I had great potential and great aspirations. However, I continued to lie to myself and tell myself that destiny was just going to happen without any effort on my part. Then one day I realized that irresponsibility will murder your potential. When you fail to take responsibility for your life, you will inevitably live your life on repeat. Most people are living days of deja vu. In other words, every day is simply a repeat of the day before. What we fail to understand is that we are wasting our lives and squandering opportunities. Unfortunately, most people are wasting the gift of time and dishonoring the seed of their potential. Responsibility is the key to reversing any cycle in your life. The moment you take responsibility for your life you are empowered to reverse your course. On the other hand, anything that you refuse to take responsibility for will rule and restrict your life. Responsibility empowers you to come into proper alignment and ultimatley to advance your life.

  • You must be committed to making changes. At the end of the day, you have to understand that if your life is going to change then you are going to be the catalyst to changing your life. I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to over the years that thought that their lives would just magically change. The moment I started to tell them that they were going to have to make changes in their lives I noticed that they became defensive and often shut down. You must understand that nothing will change until you change it. If you do the same, then you will always get the same. However, if you do something different then you will get different results. I've discovered from over thirty years of work and development that change begins with a committment. Anything that you refuse to committ to will always constrict your progress and cripple your potential. Committment is not just verbally dedicating yourself to a vision, goal or dream. Commitment is dedicating your mind, will and energy to the accomplishment of your vision, goal or dream. In other words, you must go all in on your goals. Anything that you are not committed to will never change. The lack of commitment is what limits your capacity for greatness. Commitment will always separate the great from the average, the exceptional from the mediocre and masters from the mundane. Commitment is the greatest expression of what you value and what your most important priorities are.

  • You must be a person of intentional action. Inaction will abort the seed of greatness in your life. If you have a dream or a vision, then you have to move from imagination to intentional action if you want to see it manifest in your life. Too many times we are hoping and wishing but we lack the heart to will our futures into manifestation. You will never actualize anything that you have not taken action on. Action is the bridge that moves you from hope to manifestation. More importantly, action is the great intersection between potential and prophetic fulfillment. Action is the proof that you are invested in your future. Furthermore, action is what will cause heaven and earth to conspire for your prosperity. What action have you taken in the direction of your dream? You have not married your future until you are willing to move towards it. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue. Most of all, you must remember that anything you respect you will have the courage to reach for. I've learned that disinterest will always distance you from what you say you desire. Embracing your future will require engagement. Anything you are unwilling to engage for will always evade you. Action is the proof that you have bought into your vision. Action is what will empower you to give birth to that which is not yet born to time.

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