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  • Jamelle Sanders

Tenacity: Embracing the Life You Were Born For

Can you believe how fast the time is going? Well, I told you coming into 2024 that the time would move really fast. That is why it is so important that you have clear goals and set clear intentions. Most importantly, it is important that you take action every single day of your life. This year has been filled with challenges, growth, and development in so many areas of my life. I want to share some insights with you about tenacity. Why? If your future is going to unfold, you are going to have to fight for it. Also, tenacity is the only true crucible for transformation. I hope you will be empowered to withstand pressure and seize what is possible for your life. 

  1. You are always in control of what you focus on. I can almost hear the cynic saying that the statement I just made was false. However, I want to make it clear that you are always in control of your attitude and what has your attention. Life will always present you with opportunities to be distracted. Yet one of the most important things that we decide every single day is what we choose to concentrate on. More importantly, whatever you concentrate on expands in your life. When I learned this truth years ago, I made a decision to stop focusing on what I did not want and instead focus on what I wanted to see manifest in my life. What do you want to see manifest in your life? I guarantee you that your life is a manifestation of what you have been meditating on. If you do not like what is filling your life then you need to choose to focus on something else. You cannot afford to give your attention to things that do not advance your life. 

  2. You must live with a compelling vision. One of the reasons that most people are always distracted is because they do not have a vision for their lives. When you do not have a vision for your life, you will spend the rest of your life fulfilling someone else's vision. One of the most important things you can do is take the time to sit down and write out your life vision. Where do you see yourself going? Who do you see yourself becoming? If you cannot see something different, then you will never seize anything different for your life. A vision gives you something to aim for. A vision empowers you to define your priorities. More importantly, a vision helps you set the direction for the course of your life. If you live without a vision, you will live consumed by distractions and your life will be defined by drifting. To drift is to live without clear intentions. 

  3. You must make up your mind. Many people have said that I am unique or an anomaly. However, there is really nothing special or unique about me at all. I have simply taken the time to develop and train my mind to see beyond limitations, barriers, and ceilings. As a result, I have become a revolutionary thinker who defies odds and shatters barriers. When it comes to changing your life, it begins with changing the way you think. In other words, it begins with making up your mind that you want a different reality. No moment in your life will ever accommodate what the mind is unwilling to expand for. You can show great promise and have all the potential in the world. However, if you live adjusted to an old paradigm you will never awaken to what is possible for your life. If you want this to be the greatest year of your life, then you must make up your mind that you are going after more. You must develop the mental fortitude to address every thought that does not arrive at advancement and ascension. This means that you must begin to confront self-limiting beliefs and perceptions that preclude your ability to believe at a higher level. Everything that you will ever manifest begins with a mental picture. As you see it through the mind's eye, you will be empowered to manifest the life that you were born for. 

  4. You must develop tenacity. While this year has brought challenges and discomfort, this year has also sparked extraordinary growth in my life. However, it started with making a very important decision to develop a tenacious determination that refuses to quit. When you are on the brink of a breakthrough in your life, opposition, and pressure will always become the most intense. Most people see this as a sign to quit and to give up. However, champions do not accept defeat. Champions are empowered to discern that the opposition is a catalyst to opportunity. If you will dare to lean into the pressure, you will be empowered to unlock limitless possibilities for your life. Tenacity is more than grit or willpower. Tenacity is an inner resolve that will not allow you to stop short of victory in every area of your life. It's a perseverance that will not allow you to stop short of the possession of everything that has been promised to you. Tenacity is an inner force that is blind to impossibilities, immune to obstacles and unwavering in the commitment to live the life that you were born for. Now more than ever you must develop the tenacity to not settle for average or mediocrity in any area of your life. Now is the time to be tenacious in transforming your life and daring to manifest the life that you were born for. 

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