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  • Jamelle Sanders

How Will You Finish? : Positioning for an Epic Close to 2021

Well, we are just a few short weeks from ending 2021. Can you believe it? As I look back over the last twelve months, I can truly say that I am proud of the progress I have made and the results I have been able to produce. I will say that 2021 has been the greatest year of my life. I have learned more, loved more, and grown more than any other time in my life. This year has brought adversity, failures, disappointments, and triumphs. Honestly, everything has made me better and empowered me to realize my greatest potential. I hope that you will take some time over the next few weeks to look over your goals, assess your progress, and measure your results. If you are not happy with what you find, then start creating the plan that will set you up for greater results in 2022 and beyond. Most importantly, I want you to take some time to answer the important question: how will you finish? From decades of work, I can tell you that it is not about how you start but it is very much about how you finish. Dare to finish 2021 strong!

  1. Take the time to celebrate how far you have come. Before you jump into assessing your year, I want you to take some time to just celebrate how far you have come. Think about where you started on January 1, 2021. In particular, think about where you were mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally, etc. Take the time to celebrate the highs, the lows, and the triumphs that you have experienced this year. There is nothing more devastating than looking back over your year only to discover that you lived another repeated cycle. I have discovered that you will repeat cycles until you realize that something needs to change in your life. So celebrate your progress and acknowledge the areas where you have grown and developed this year. It will bring you a great sense of peace and satisfaction. You were not designed to live paralyzed. You have been designed for progress.

  2. Spend some quality time assessing your results this year. After you have taken some time to celebrate how far you have come, I want you to set aside some quality time to assess your year. Honestly, this is the part of the year that most people hate. This is where some people face the reality that they gave up on their resolutions in January. Also, others realize that they have nothing to show for the year but wasted moments and squandered opportunities. I am not sharing this with you to make you depressed or to invoke disappointment. However, I am sharing this because at some point in your life you have to make the decision that it is time to shift. Assessment is essential to your advancement and ascension. More importantly, assessment is vital to make the necessary adjustments in your life. If you never take the time to assess your life, you will live defined by cycles of self-deception and self-sabotage. In other words, avoidance is not the answer or the best course of action. Anything that you are unwilling to confront will always conquer you. Furthermore, denial is one of the greatest enemies of development. Assess your year so you can measure the progress you made on your goals, audit how you spent your time, examine what your priorities were, and evaluate if you made the most of this year.

  3. Take responsibility for your life. If you have followed my work for any length of time, then you have heard me talk about the importance of taking responsibility for your life. In fact, I know that nothing changed in my life until I was willing to take responsibility for my life. Are you really ready to reverse a cycle? Then understand that you will never reverse a cycle without realizing that you are responsible for changing your own life. You can play the role of the victim but it will only rob you of victory. The reality is that nothing changes in your life until you change it. All change is initiated by responsibility. So own your year. Own your failures. Own your mistakes, Own your disappointments. Own your mediocrity. You will never overcome what you lack the courage to own. You can make excuses. Excuses only endanger your future. You must replace excuses with executed results. When you take responsibility for your life, you will stop putting off what you have the power to do today, you will stop telling yourself the lie that you have all the time in the world, and you will stop entertaining distractions at the expense of your destiny. Taking responsibility for your life is the ultimate game-changer.

  4. Develop a strategy to finish strong. As a highly respected thought leader, I have trained and developed leaders around the world to fulfill purpose and maximize their greatest potential. Many people are drawn to my life and work. The reason that they are attracted to my brand is that they know I am a person of excellence. For more than a decade now, I have been conducting Finish the Year Strong Campaigns and even hosting Finish the Year Strong Master Classes. These events have been very successful and have shifted the paradigms of people around the world. Essentially, what I have learned from decades of work and development is that how you end a cycle will determine how you enter the next cycle. So it is vitally important that you finish strong. Normally, this is the time of the year where people start to get inspired and motivated to set all these big goals for the next year. However, most people will never accomplish their goals and 2022 will be a repeat of 2021. If you want to finish 2021 strong, then you need to develop a strategy. A strategy is essentially a plan that empowers you to prepare, position, and produce a desired result or outcome in your life. Strategy is formulating ideas into actionable steps to manifest your goals. Strategy empowers you with the methodology and the movements necessary to engineer victory in every area of your life. Please take the time to develop your strategy so that 2022 can be the greatest year of your life. You cannot finish strong without changing your position and creating your strategy. Strategy separates the ambitious from the achiever.

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