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The Pinnacle: Possessing the Audacity to Ascend to Greatness

As I write to you, I am overwhelmed at all the incredible things happening in my life. I said I was going to make this post very short. However, I cannot promise that because I am just so full right now. I believe that we are truly in a season of breakthrough and transformation. While I know that this has been such a difficult time for so many people around the world, I also believe that this is a moment pregnant with discoveries, divine appointments and destiny moments. As I wrote about in my last blog post, I believe that this journey to greatness is a climb. So often we are so ready to get to the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. I hope you are learning how to enjoy the journey and embrace the wisdom that comes with each phase of your destiny. These are just a few insights to help you make the climb and ascend into greatness!

  1. Take the time to celebrate how far you have come. This morning I woke up and had my normal prayer and reflection time. However, I took a little longer today and got my journal and started to reflect on my journey. I went back to the moment when Jamelle Sanders International was just a concept in my mind. I did not have the relationships, resources or reach to make the vision a reality. However, I had a dream in my heart and determination in my spirit. Through hard work and persistence the dream was realized. As I look back on those early days, I think about how difficult it was financially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I had so many moments where I wanted to just quit and give up. However, deep down inside I knew that on the other side of my determination was destiny. Now Jamelle Sanders International has grown into a respected company and I have a brand that resonates with people around the world. I have written nine books, developed a podcast that stretches around the globe and earned the reputation as a highly respected thought leader. So many times we become so consumed with what is next that we forget to take time to celebrate the here and now. While my vision is massive, I never take anything for granted and maintain a grateful heart.

  2. Understand that the climb will come at a cost. One thing I want people to understand about success is that it comes at a price. Everyone admires the lifestyles of powerful and influential people. However, most people fail to understand the sacrifices, pain and challenges that come with ascending into realms of success and greatness. Never covet a lifestyle that you are not willing to pay the price to create. Understand that all transformation will demand tradeoffs. In other words, you will never experience change in your life without first understanding that it requires the investment of time, energy and total commitment. In fact, I always say that commitment is the only thing that will empower you to make the climb. Success is not something that you can choose periodically. Success is something that you have to choose consistently. The price of the climb will necessitate that you evaluate your priorities. Your priorities determine both your progress and your prosperity. You will never make the climb without the engagement of your heart. The heart is the place of commitment and the crucible for change in your life.

  3. You need courage to make the climb. As I write to you today, I got big news last night that my podcast has once against expanded distribution to more platforms. While this is incredible news for me today, I remember a time when I could not even get people to listen to my podcast. Furthermore, I remember when I was so afraid to do a podcast because I did not feel like anyone would listen. Almost a decade later, my podcast has reached around the globe and I have heard so many incredible stories of lives changed. Guess what? None of that would have been possible if I did not have the courage to pursue the climb. Change is never easy and always uncomfortable. However, some things will never manifest in your life until you move from where you are to where you want to be. Stagnation only leads to frustration and the abortion of prophetic destiny. So I would say to you do it afraid. Do it with a shaky voice and trembling knees. Do it with apprehension. I just want you to dare to take action in the direction of your dream. Courage not only upgrades your paradigm but also unlocks new possibilities and opportunities for your life. Courage empowers you to face fears and to build faith muscles.

  4. Enjoy the rewards of ascending to new heights of success. Low level thinking will always produce low level living. On the other hand, high level thinking will produce high level living. As you adjust your paradigm, you arise to new peaks and become aware of new possibilities for your life. You will never perceive more until your paradigm is stretched to the idea that there is more. This is why the climb is so important. Every time you have the courage to make the climb you discover new capacity, new strength, new wisdom, new insights and new power. These discoveries would have never been possible unless you were willing to ascend into the next dimension. It is hard to get a good view when you live life at the ground level. However, when you reach the pinnacle you have a panorama view of your world. You realize that ceilings were made to be shattered and barriers were made to broken. You ultimately come to the realization that restrictions cannot live in a renewed mind. This causes you to walk by faith and not by sight. Most importantly, you shift from a life of settling to a life of soaring.


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