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  • Jamelle Sanders

The Pursuit of Freedom: Insights for Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Well, we have officially hit the month of June. Summer is in the air and everyone is thinking about the beach and taking a much needed vacation. Also, we are approaching the end of the second quarter of 2021 and reaching the halfway point in the year. I hope that you are revisiting your goals daily, making progress and living on purpose. Furthermore, I hope you are walking in freedom and owning your personal power. I want to share a few keys with you that I believe are critical in the pursuit of freedom. I hope these truths will resonate you with you and reposition you to live a life of total fulfillment. There is nothing that compares to freedom!

  1. You have to value freedom. As someone that has had the pleasure of training and developing leaders all around the world, it has become apparent to me that you will never move towards anything that you do not value. At one time in my life, it was clear that I did not value freedom. Why do I say that? I was moving in the opposite direction of freedom. In other words, I was repelling the very things that I said I respected. So you need to first of all establish that freedom is a value in your life. I've discovered that if freedom is not a value then you will not pursue it. Ultimately, you will never pursue anything that you do not value. If freedom is important to you, then you will pursue it relentlessly and you will restrict anything access to your life that interferes with your freedom. You will know you value freedom when you stop tolerating things that threaten your transformation and stop accommodating things that stand in the way of your advancement. Anything you value you will prioritize and you will protect.

  2. You have to stop living in the prison of public opinion. One of the most important lessons I had to learn is that you cannot allow anyone's opinion of you to obstruct your vision or oppose your greatness. While we should respect the opinions of others, you should never be ruled by the opinions of others. First of all, God gave you a vision for your own life. While others may offer perspectives and insights, only God truly understands your vision. So I am not telling you not to listen to the advice of others. I am simply telling you to never allow the opinions of others to obscure your vision. In my own life, I discovered that if you are not careful you will caged and imprisoned by the opinions of others. You will become stuck, stagnant and stifled as you live in slavery to how you will be perceived by others. At the end of the day, you have to live your own life. Nobody can live your life for you. Most of all, your moments were never created to be filled with misery. Love people and cherish people in your life. However, never allow what they say to become larger than the vision that God has shown you for your life. After all, you cannot build your vision with opinions. You build your vision with divine wisdom, insights and strategy. The same God that gave you the vision is the same God that will empower you to fulfill the vision.

  3. Refuse to be caged in by others expectations. Now, we just addressed the importance of not allowing the opinions of others to obscure your vision. It is also important to not allow your life to be caged or crippled by the expectations of others. Expectation is a powerful prophetic force. In fact, I call the law of expectation the mother of all miracles. I've discovered over three decades of living that you get in life exactly what you expect. Unfortunately, most people have low expectations and as a result they live a limited existence. I have also learned that others will try and interject and project their expectations onto you. If you are not careful, you will start engineering a world totally constructed by their expectations and not by God's original design for your life. While it is not unusual for others to have expectations for us, the problem is when we allow the expectations of others to have power over us. In other words, we start to live our lives in the narrative of others expectations and not the narrative of our authentic voices. From years of experience, I have discovered that when we fail to meet the expectations of others this is when conflict arises in our relationships. Sadly, this is also what corrodes and erodes the relationships in our lives. If you find others constantly trying to project their expectations onto you, then I encourage you to set clear boundaries in your relationships and never allow anything to drown out the sound of your own voice.

  4. The pursuit of freedom requires you to address the holes in your soul. If you have followed my work over the years, then you know that many people have called me a Soul Specialist. I've written numerous books and delivered a myriad of keynotes on the properties and power of the soul. Why do I talk about the soul so much? It was only when I addressed the holes in my soul that I was truly able to honor my significance. I talk to so many people that look good on the outside but on the inside they are broken and powerless. We do a great job of appearing to be whole. However, we have failed miserably at doing the inner work that truly leads to wholeness. If you want to really be free, then you have to remove the façade and deal with the things that are afflicting your soul. Only when we address the inadequacies can we truly be empowered to embrace our true identities. In closing, I want you to know that you do not have to fake it. You can experience a life of true freedom and fulfillment. However, it requires you to confront the truth, dispel the myths and take your personal power back.

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