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  • Jamelle Sanders

Alignment: The Significance of Making Adjustments to Your Life

As I write to you, I am coming off of an incredible week of momentum. The end of the third quarter is fastly approaching and I am executing my goals. I want to end this quarter with the benefit of knowing that I kept my focus and that I did not allow anything to break my stride. While I already shattered many of my third-quarter goals, I did not take my foot off the pedal. I have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible in every area of my life. Victory has a way of making you complacent if you are not careful. You have to stay persistent if you want to make progress and embrace new realms of success. I want to share a few insights with you on the power of alignment. I hope you will put these principles into practice and finish out this quarter with progress and results.

  1. You must be willing to break cycles of stagnation. As I speak with people from all walks of life, one thing that I continue to hear is the sound of frustration. I know that sound very well because I spent a number of years living trapped in cycles of frustration, failure, and defeat. However, one day I made the decision that I was going to break the cycle. I realized that I was frustrated because my life had become stagnant. In other words, there was no activity in my life and therefore I saw no advancement. It is a miserable feeling to live your life without a clear mission and without movement. Too often we assume that because we are busy that we are being productive. Stagnation wants to ground your life and rob you of growth and development. The goal of stagnation is to rob you of momentum and manifestation. If you are currently in a cycle of stagnation, I want to challenge you to break out of it. How do you break out of stagnation? It begins with the courage to take a single step. Take a step out of mediocrity and into more for your life. Essentially, take a step out of what is familiar and dare to embrace your prophetic future. Stagnation ultimately wants to paralyze your potential.

  2. You must address the avoidance. For the sake of time, I am going to try and be brief with this point. However, I feel like it is so much that I could say about this particular concept of avoidance. Personally, any time I have found myself in a cycle of stagnation it was often because of something that I was avoiding. One day I had a powerful breakthrough in my life. I realized that what I avoid ultimately stands in the way of my advancement. Sometimes we hide under the guise of needing more time or more information. Deep down inside we are afraid and we are avoiding making the decision that we need to make. If you want to advance and make the most of the time left in 2022, then it would behoove you to address the avoidance in your life. What are you avoiding? Denial will not make it disappear. In fact, denial is only denying you the breakthroughs that you desperately want to see in your life. It is time for you to confront the thing that is standing in the way of your progress and stifling your potential. Your future hinges on your ability to face your fears. Avoidance may bring you a sense of relief; however, avoidance is robbing you of time and valuable opportunities. Address everything that is standing in the way of your advancement.

  3. You must get clear about your priorities. About a month ago, I completed a clarity detox. This was a time to turn off all the distractions in my life and get laser-focused on my vision. As I shared before, I have already completed and exceeded many of my goals for 2022. Many people would tell me to just relax and enjoy the rest of the year. However, I made a decision to challenge myself to do more and go further. So I set bigger goals and took the time to write out the strategies to help me get to my desired outcome. This required me to get crystal clear about my priorities. In other words, I had to be willing to eliminate some activities from my calendar in order to execute my goals. Priorities are powerful because they divide us from distractions. Furthermore, priorities set the perimeters for what we can say yes to and what we must say no to. I have discovered that your priorities determine how you invest your time and what gets your attention. As long as you are not clear about your priorities, you will never make progress and you will never prosper. The priorities you set determine the goals you accomplish and the dreams you realize.

  4. You must bring your life into proper alignment. As I was speaking with a friend, I was telling them about my clarity detox and how it changed my life. Silencing the noise and eliminating the distractions in our lives are so powerful. It brought clarity to me, expanded my capacity, reignited my vision, strengthened my resolve, and unlocked new possibilities for my life. It is hard to attract what you want in your life when your life is out of alignment. Signs that you are out of alignment are frustration, stagnation, strained relationships, emotional instability, psychological pressure, etc. In other words, when you are out of alignment your life stops working properly. Your life is a machinery that does not operate properly when you are out of sync and out of sequence. Alignment is uncomfortable but necessary. Alignment challenges our excuses, forces us to confront the truth, and demands our maturity. Most people are aspirational and ambitious. However, without alignment, you will never achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Everything that you will attract into your life will be the result of proper alignment. Never confuse attachments with alignment. Anything can attach to your life but in order to attract what is destined for your life, you will have to come into proper alignment. Anything you are unwilling to adjust will facilitate the abortion of your destiny.

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