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  • Jamelle Sanders

Clarity: The Key to Transforming Your World

As I write this piece, I am the most focused I have ever been in my life. I just returned from vacation and it was so necessary. I have returned with new strategies, insights, and a renewed commitment to live my greatest life. As a result, I am currently on a clarity detox and I have unplugged from a lot of the noise happening in the world. I have seen my clarity skyrocket, my productivity has multiplied and my life has accelerated. I honestly believe that everybody should do a clarity detox at least once a year. Well, that is a post for another day. I want to share with you a few insights that I have learned about clarity in this season of my life. My intention is that you will be empowered to make some adjustments and ascend into new realms of greatness.

  1. You have to be willing to mix things up in your life. When I returned from my vacation, I returned with new strategies, new wisdom, and a new lease on life. As a result, I thought I would be able to jump back into my normal routine. However, the only problem is that when I tried to jump back into my old routine something just felt off. It is hard to explain it and I could not put my finger on it. Ultimately, I knew that I could not go back to life as usual. So I made some really big changes and I told myself I was going to unplug from noise and distractions in my life. 2022 has been an incredible year for me already and I have accomplished some big goals. At the same time, there are still some really big goals that I am going after and I do not want anything to slow me down. Sometimes we need to mix things up so that we do not revert back to mediocrity in our lives. Anything that you are unwilling to change will become a constant source of frustration and dissatisfaction in your life. I dare you to mix things up and end cycles of neutrality and complacency in your life. Your willingness to mix things up will empower you to reach for more in your life.

  2. Be willing to raise your standards. As many of you know, I am not a person of low standards anyway. However, I honestly believe that your standards will define the stride of your life. We often become comfortable with a certain pace but deep down inside we know our potential and that we are capable of more. When you raise your standards you discover that limitless potential on the inside of you. More importantly, when you raise your standards you stop catering to average at the cost of greatness. New standards will require a new level of effort and the exertion of energy. If you want to unlock your potential, then you have to be willing to increase your pace. Success is not so much about speed but success does require standards. Your standards not only determine your pace but also your priorities. Low standards will never produce an exceptional life. Complacency is one of the greatest cripplers of potential. When you raise your standards you expand your capacity for success.

  3. You must operate from a place of clarity. As I stated earlier, I came back from my vacation energized but I quickly discovered that my old routine was not working anymore. So I made a decision to start a clarity detox. I unplugged from a lot of noise and eliminated distractions in my life. As a result, I was able to gain clarity instantly. Also, solutions that I had been searching for started to come quickly. I started to access new realms of thinking. I let go of old paradigms and psychological constructs. Most importantly, I had the insights that I needed to execute my goals and expand my vision. When you find yourself feeling stuck or uninspired, I want to challenge you to find clarity in your life. Clarity heights our awareness and aligns us with our intentions. Furthermore, clarity gives us the ability to distinguish between the immediate and the urgent. When you eliminate the clutter in your life, you find clarity and you are empowered to live in the center of your assignment. If you want to break cycles and birth change in your life, then it begins with clarity. If you do not know what you want, then you will continue to attract what you do not want. Clarity gives you the ability to give your desires language and expression.

  4. You must become a person of action. You can have all the clarity in the world; however, clarity means absolutely nothing without action. I talk to so many people that know exactly what they should be doing. However, they never move in the direction of their dreams and greatest desires. What most people do not understand is that ambition is not enough. You can have all the ambition in the world and still abort your destiny. You can be aspirational and never acheive your dreams. The difference in seasons are the actions that you are willing to take. Your inaction is an investment in cycles of frustration and failure. Inaction is the proof that you do not really belive that your dreams are valid and that you are worthy of a greater life. Action is what gives intention the impetus to become an inevitable reality in your life. The purpose of clarity is to serve as the catalyst for momentum and manifestation in your life. We are in the third quarter of the game and every moment is critical. Take the actions that will advance your life and empower you to actualize your dreams. Action is what shortens the distance to the fulfillment of your vision.

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