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  • Jamelle Sanders

Fearless: Living Up to Your Potential

Well, we have officially made it through the first quarter of 2023. Can you believe it? The first three months of the year have gone by really fast. Personally, the first three months of 2023 have been very challenging for me. The challenges have been necessary because they have forced me to grow and develop in new ways. I hope the first three months of this year have brought results, progress and accomplishments in every area of your life. I want to share a few insights with you about living fearless. Honestly, I believe that there is no other way to honor your potential but to live a fearless life. May these principles propel you forward and give you the courage to say no to fear in every area of your life!

  1. You have to become frustrated with a mediocre life. As you know, my work brings me in contact with people all around the world. I hear so many people say that they want to live a better life. However, I see very few people that are willing to pursue a better life. Mediocrity is essentially a shrine that is built to a second-class life. In other words, mediocrity is settling for a small life when you know that you were created to live a bigger life. As long as you find comfort in constraint, you will never pursue the change that you desire to see. Mediocrity will become your bar and ultimately your prison. Make 2023 the year that you become frustrated with a mediocre existence. Deep down you know that you were made for more. Ultimately, you will not be fulfilled until you are willing to pursue more for your life. There is no misery like the misery of living a mediocre existence. Make a demand on the greatness inside of you and live up to your potential.

  2. Break free from small mindedness. While there are many factors that go into living fearless, I believe that your belief system is often the greatest barrier to breakthrough. Personally, this year has exposed so many self-limiting beliefs and perceptions that I am working through one by one. If you do not address these thought patterns and processes they will threaten your progress. Small mindedness is a barrier to significant momentum in your life. What belief systems are blocking your success? What underlying beliefs are undermining your potential? Your paradigm will always determine the possibilities of what your life becomes. If you neglect the mind, then you will birth seasons of unfruitfulness in your life. You've heard the saying that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. However, I would add that a neglected mind is the greatest travesty. Take the time to address the thoughts that are standing in the way of your transformation. Refuse to allow limiting beliefs to lower the bar of what is possible for your life. No moment will accommodate what the mind has not adjusted for.

  3. You have to master self-doubt. Honestly, nothing will sabotage your destiny like self-doubt. How do I know? You are looking at someone that has struggled with self-doubt for a long time. Instead of giving in to self-doubt, I have used self-doubt to sharpen and develop me for success. When that inner voice tells me what I cannot do and what I cannot have, I have answered back by daring to go after my dreams. No matter how much you accomplish in your life you will still hear the inner voice that tells you that you are not smart enough, good enough or strong enough to live the life of your dreams. However, you must decide if you are going to be silenced by self-doubt or if you are going to lean into self-doubt. By leaning into self-doubt, I chose to allow my future to become louder than the voice of my fears. Also, by leaning into self-doubt I am choosing my dreams over my doubts. No one is exempt from self-doubt. However, you do not have to be enslaved by self-doubt. Make the decision to engineer self-doubt for your strategic advantage.

  4. You have to dare to go after the life that you want. One thing I know about success is that every realm will require more of you. What you did in the last season will not be suffice for this season. In other words, you must continue to raise the bar if you want to maintain your edge. As I have experienced so many challenges already in 2023, one question continues to ring in my mind: how dedicated are you to living the life of your dreams? Honestly, I am totally dedicated to living the life of my dreams. That means that whatever sacrifices have to me made I am willing to make them. From personal experience, I have learned the power of taking action even when I am afraid. None of your dreams will ever be actualized without action. What are you waiting for? When are you going to pursue the life of your dreams? It is the action that you will not take that is robbing you of the life that you deserve. So make 2023 the year that you stop being reserved and your start being relentless is pursuing what you were born for. Inaction is the seed for regret. I want you to make 2023 the year that you act on your dreams and live up to your potential. You've played small for long enough. It's time to be brave and dare to pursue a bigger life!

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